Executive Coaching Yields Return on Investment

There have been a number of studies on Executive Coaching that quantify the business impact of executive coaching. All have shown that organizations whose executives received coaching realized improvements in productivity, quality, organizational strength, customer service, and shareholder value. Organizations received fewer customer complaints and were more likely to retain executives who had been coached.

Executive Coaching is a collaborative process that includes pre-coaching needs assessments to set objectives and a complete and reliable assessment protocol. Considerable emphasis is placed on both action planning and achieving measurable results linked to identified business/organization/personal objectives.

If the person being coached keeps an open mind, is willing to try new behaviors, change their thinking on some things, and wants to achieve improved business/personal performance then- Executive Coaching flat out works. Manchester Inc, a global leader in executive coaching completed a year long study on the impact of executive coaching.

Among the results they found are that executives who received coaching reported:

  • 53% increase in productivity
  • 35% improvement in customer service
  • the quality of peer relationships improved 63%
  • improved job satisfaction rate of over 60%

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