Do You Know Any High Achievers?

You have always been successful at what you do but would like to take the next step in achieving more in your career. As a High Achiever you are always striving for more. But you are not sure what communication or behavior tools you need to change. We all have “blind spots” to our behavior and thinking and a Business Coach can help.

How many people in your life give you honest and clear feedback on how you present yourself? For most of us,precious few. A Business Coach gives you feedback on the way you talk, think, feel, and behave in a goal oriented, productive and caring manner.

Owners, Managers, and High Achievers are often the last people to get input from others because of who they are and the roles they play. But in the same vein, they are often people who have a passion to grow and improve the quality of what they do.

The potential benefits of coaching are far-reaching. Included are increased self-awareness of all aspects of oneself and the expansion of one’s comfort zone. This happens when you take an honest look at how you think, act, and speak.The goal is acquiring new skills, knowledge, and behaviors prompting greater success in work and life.

Do you know a high achiever who would like to improve the quality of their work-life and become a more effective Owner or Manager? I offer a Free 1 hour confidential consultation by phone or in-person to discuss the benefits of retaining a Personal Executive Coach. Call me today to schedule your appointment!