Workshops for Business

Workshops can be single-topic training sessions to improve employees’ skill base and morale. Customized workshops can also be developed to help teams address specific workplace needs. Do you want to do a competitive analysis? Or develop a strategic plan?

Do your sales supervisors need help with managerial skills? Setting aside the time to teach employees new skills or to work with them to set goals, plans or next steps shows you care about their future and value their participation in the business, which can be a powerful morale booster.

Sample workshop topics include…

  • Leadership development
  • Career development
  • Team development
  • Sales training
  • Sales management training
  • Executive coaching
  • Stress and time management
  • Communicating in the workplace
  • Communication skills-creating quality dialogue
  • Conflict negotiations in the workplace
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Building team skills
  • Sexual harassment
  • Creative thinking
  • Smoking cessation
  • Avoiding workplace violence

Training Approaches

Cardinal Sales Training

A customized sales training for small to medium sized organizations using a blended approach of web conferencing and individual coaching.

Sandy Blaha Performance Consulting

Sandy Blaha Performance Consulting is a performance management, leadership development and succession/exit planning company. An author, presenter, trainer, facilitator and coach she builds organization capacity with a focus on strategy, leader development, talent assessment and execution discipline. She works with owners and senior executives nationwide to insure their companies’ legacies.

Ms. Blaha is the author of Passing the Torch: A Toolkit for Leadership Development and Transition, Stepping Stones: 5 Essential Steps for Transition Success, Exit Planning: The Leadership Succession Challenge and The Leadership Mindset™.

A Few Words About The Business Support Program

The Institute for Independent Business is the largest organization of its type in the world, with over 3,500 accredited senior executives, all of whom are highly experienced and mature business men and women with high level executive business experience behind them.

Some have been managing directors, executive directors and chairmen of some of the best-known national and multi-national companies in the world. Many have experienced the unique difficulties and the loneliness of being the managing director / owner (MDO), or the proprietor of what is known as an SME (small to medium size enterprise).

Each IIB Accredited Associate agrees to give some free time each month to SME’S when they will meet the MDO or proprietor to discuss their business with them and examine opportunities or concerns the president may have and give guidance and source advice and help as may be needed.

Questions on finance, including cash flow, credit control, raising extra working capital, and the possibility of alternative banking are often raised, as are questions on sales and marketing, export, manufacturing, health and safety issues, the pros and cons of ISO/QUALITY accreditation and all other aspects of business and profitability.

The great strength of the IIB Business Support Program is in addressing the problem of company directors and owners not having anywhere to turn for some independent, unbiased advice and just a chat with someone who has “been there – seen it – done it” and survived to tell the tale.

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